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I am Meili, an eclectic web and print graphic designer working as a freelance in Lausanne. I am also working as an innovation consultant, designing comic books and recently started to develop a collaborative economy service, in collaboration with two other people. See you soon !
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  • Happy ending
    Happy ending

    The crowdfunding ended today and it is not 3’200, neither 4’200, nor 4’500 but 4’753 euros wich has been collected !!! A super varnish hard cover comic book will soon be born thanks to you all !! I could never thank you enough…!! @Ulule !

  • La Fédération, best comic book project of the month !!
    La Fédération, best comic book project of the month !!

    Unbelievable !! « La Fédération » has been elected by Culture BD as the best comic book project of July on Ulule ! A big giant thank you to everyone, this is only happening because of you !! <3 <3 Loads of kisses, love and comics in your mailbox soon !! @Ulule !

  • La Fédération dans le 24 heures
    La Fédération dans le 24 heures

    Interview about « La Fédération » in the swiss newspaper « 24 heures » ! @Ulule !

  • La Fédération
    La Fédération

    Did you like « HEJ ! » in wich I was telling stories from when I used to work as a cashier at IHEA ? You will love « La Fédération » ! Be sure to book your copy by participating to the crowdfunding campaign on Ulule !